Eligibility Standards and Important Policies

  • To be considered for any form of Southeastern’s institutional aid, each current or prospective student must fill out both the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) and the Standard Financial Aid Application.

  • If selected for verification, either by a government agency or by the school, the student must submit all requested documentation by the deadlines provided in order to maintain their award.

  • Except where otherwise specified, all institutional scholarships are open to campus and distance-learning students.

  • Students must remain enrolled at full-time status for the entire semester to receive the full amount of any Institutional awards.

  • Students enrolled at part-time status before the drop-date will have their awards reduced by 50%. Students who withdraw from courses after the drop-date and fall below full-time status will have their institutional financial aid reduced by 25% for each course by which they fall below full-time status. Please note, students who withdraw are charged the full cost of any courses they withdraw from.

  • Students who are enrolled at half-time or below are considered ineligible for any institutional awards.

  • Students should maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA or above to receive institutional aid, with preference given to higher GPA (some Designated and/or Specialized Scholarships may require a 3.0 or higher).

  • Students with a status of Academic Probation (a term and/or cumulative GPA below 2.0) should not expect to receive Institutional financial aid from Southeastern.

  • Students must be degree-seeking at SEBTS to be eligible for institutional financial aid; “credit-only” students are ineligible.

  • Reapplication must be made annually.

  • Most institutional scholarships are tuition-specific and may not be refunded to the student as a check or cash.

  • Please note that private scholarships will be applied first to students’ accounts, and may impact or alter the financial aid students receive from Pell Grants and institutional scholarships.
  • Students eligible for substantial external types of aid, such as the Keesee Scholarsrhip, Pell Grants, and the NC Need-Based Grants, are expected to apply for those in conjunction with Southeastern’s Standard Financial Aid Application.

  • Please note that completion of the application and compliance with these standards and polices does not guarantee an award.