Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary values the privacy of all those visiting our websites and is committed to transparency and fulfilling any and all its responsibilities to its constituents and standards as set forth by governing agencies and accrediting bodies. Personal information is not collected through the SEBTS websites unless it is willingly submitted by our users on clearly marked forms. All information that is provided is used to fulfill requests and to better serve you, the user. No information is ever shared outside of the institution.

The information collected through the websites through anonymous analytical data is used only to help monitor site traffic such as number of visitors to the website, number of page views, and the platform/technology that is used to access these sites. This information is only used in the improvement of our information and usability of the website to ensure the best user experience and accessibility.

Form data is collected through clearly created forms which the user must actively complete and then submit. This information is retained and used only for the sole purpose the form stated and the user authorized in submitting the form. Any form requiring private data information or any other personally identifiable information is protected using the best practices for safeguarding data. Sensitive data like credit card information (for example on the giving form) is processed via a secure third-party which specializes in handling such information and this data is never passed to SEBTS nor do we have any access to such data. Also, form data is siloed off from the main website where the form may be embedded and therefore all private information and form data does not interact directly with our website and is processed using systems to handle such information.

All information that is provided to SEBTS is governed by State, Federal, and Accrediting guidelines. Therefore, all information is protected under FERPA guidelines as well as HIPPA guidelines where applicable. The use of information beyond this is protected and prohibited and may only be used within the institution for standard operating business.

These standards apply to all SEBTS websites including the main Seminary website, College at Southeastern website, Centers at Southeastern websites, internal and external resource websites, and any other associated websites.

For more information or to report any misconduct or abuse of this website or any other covered asset of this policy of SEBTS, please contact us at 919-761-2100 or submit a request through