Students with experience serving the Southern Baptist’s International Mission Board or North American Mission Board may be eligible for unique Mission Scholarships.

All Mission Scholarships are subject to Southeastern’s Institutional Eligibility requirements and Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. Make sure you review both to know what is expected to remain eligible.

Mission Scholarships Offered

Students serving as active missionaries or personnel for the Company may be eligible to receive a scholarship covering 100% of their tuition and fees.

This Scholarship is also available to students who are employed full-time with the Company.


The student must be a full-time, fully funded Company missionary/personnel currently assigned on the mission field or stateside or a full-time employee with the Company.

Additional Requirements:

  • Eligible students must be degree-seeking undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral students.
  • If the student loses employment status with the Company, he or she will no longer be eligible for the scholarship in subsequent semesters.
  • Students who wish to pursue multiple master’s degrees will only be eligible to receive the Company Scholarship for classes taken to complete their first master’s degree at Southeastern.

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