The minor in education is a non-licensure track education program that can benefit students in any other major of the college because so many ministries and vocations require expert communication and training skills. Built around coursework from the Teaching Licensure Track programs, education classes meet a wide array of ministry and professional interests, including curriculum design principles, teaching philosophy, educational psychology, and the most effective teaching methods that work in any context. Students who are not admitted to the Teaching Licensure Track program may maintain their Bachelor of Arts subject area (English, History, or Social Studies) and will not lose education credits taken toward that degree. Students who want to teach may be able to fast-track residency requirements for their MAT or alternative licensing agency upon graduation.

  • On-Campus

What kind of classes will I take?

Students must take the following courses to complete the minor in Education:

  • EDU 3000 – Introduction to Teaching 1 semester hr(s).
  • EDU 3100 – Foundations of Education 3 semester hr(s).
  • EDU 3520 – Educational Psychology 3 semester hr(s).
  • EDU 3620 – Educational Technology and Teaching  3 semester hr(s).
  • EDU 4510 – Teaching Methodology  3 semester hr(s).
  • EDU Elective (3000 level or above) 3 semester hr(s).
  • EDU Elective (3000 level or above) 3 semester hr(s).

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