Kingdom Diversity

Diversity and the Great Commission

Our goal of pursuing Kingdom Diversity is deeply theological. God inscribed the unity and diversity of the Godhead into his good creation. From the ground we walk on to the people who inhabit the earth, God’s multifaceted beauty was made manifest. Subsequently, the fall in Genesis 3 distorted the divine reflection that was embedded in creation. A symptom of humanity’s fallen state is strife along the lines of difference, including race. Through Christ, and by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, God’s people are enabled to display God’s redemptive power by simultaneously embracing and transcending the differences that enrich the tapestry of the Kingdom. Southeastern seeks to equip our students to fulfill this glorious commission. For more information on Kingdom Diversity, visit the Kingdom Diversity Website.

  1. We will strive to foster a campus environment that encourages God-honoring interaction across cultural lines.
  2. Southeastern strives to raise historically underrepresented voices on campus by working to be comprised of 20% culturally diverse faculty, staff, and students, and 35% female by 2022.
  3. We will conduct faculty development and curriculum reform to assist students to minister to people who do not share the same ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  4. We will build and strengthen partnerships with diverse churches, church networks, and educational institutions.
  5. We will emerge as a servant to SBC churches (and beyond) as a resource to help foster diversity within the church and the broader denominational environment.

Financial Aid

Southeastern Seminary and the College at Southeastern are committed to equipping groups who have been historically underrepresented on our campus to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission. Our financial aid resources represent part of a holistic effort to support current and future students in an effort to make our campus look more like the kingdom. The Kingdom Diversity Scholarship is comprised of several scholarships, including a nearly $300,000 endowment in honor of President Daniel L. Akin. Please contact or with any questions. In addition, for your convenience the Financial Aid office has compiled a variety of scholarships facilitated by other organizations organized by ethnicity.