Kingdom Diversity

Seeking and Equipping students from every corner of the kingdom to serve in every context of the kingdom.

How we have grown

Southeastern launched its Kingdom Diversity Initiative in 2013 with the goal of seeking and equipping students from every corner of the kingdom to serve in every context of the kingdom. We have seen significant growth since that time, both numerically and culturally, through intentional efforts like the Kingdom Diversity Scholarship, the Kingdom Diversity Missions Initiative, student events and faculty trainings.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and The College at Southeastern are committed to equipping students to serve the Church and fulfill the Great Commission.

Southeastern is committed to equipping groups who have been historically underrepresented on our campus to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission. Our financial aid resources represent part of a holistic effort to support current and future students in an attempt to make our campus look more like the kingdom..

Our Goals
  1. We strive to foster a campus environment that encourages God-honoring interaction across cultural lines.
  2. Southeastern strives to raise historically underrepresented demographics on campus by working to be comprised of 20% culturally diverse faculty, staff, and students, and 35% female by 2022.
  3. We work with the faculty by providing resources to assist them with curriculum development and to facilitate classrooms that equip every student to minister to people of different ethnic backgrounds.
  4. We work to build and strengthen partnerships with diverse churches, church networks, and educational institutions.
  5. We strive to serve SBC churches (and beyond) as a resource to help foster diversity within the church and the broader denominational environment.

The Kingdom Diversity Scholarship is comprised of several scholarship funds, including an endowment in honor of President Daniel L. Akin. In addition, for your convenience the Financial Aid office has compiled a variety of scholarships facilitated by other organizations.

Qualifications and Eligibility

A limited number of scholarship awards are made available each academic year under the following parameters:

  • Student must be from an underrepresented culture or a woman in a doctoral program.
    • Students of African descent
    • Students of Asian descent
    • Students of Hispanic/Latin descent
    • Students of Native American descent
    • Students of Middle Eastern descent
    • All women studying at the doctoral level
    • International Students
    • First generation immigrants
    • Those who serve on mission teams serving non-Western people groups domestically or internationally.
  • Scholarships are open to prospective and current students.
  • Show a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 in all previous undergraduate and graduate coursework.
    • However, if your cumulative GPA is between 2.5 and 2.75, include an explanation of your GPA at the end of your personal statement.
Application Periods

Period 1 (Spring Semester Only) : September 1 - September 30
Period 2 (Full Academic Year) : December 18, 2020

Cultivating the academic gifts of women.

“The Society for Women in Scholarship seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by cultivating academic gifts, encouraging scholarly practices, and facilitating opportunities for women to contribute to the academy in order to serve the Church and fulfill the Great Commission”

What is The Society for Women in Scholarship?

The Society was created as a means to help women who are academically and theologically gifted gain valuable support during their time at the academy. It’s a member-based society with multiple levels of membership, depending on your relationship to Southeastern and your commitment abilities. The Society also seeks to give back to the seminary by holding academic events that will benefit and equip the entire student body.

What is it not?

It’s not something only for women. While membership and meetings will be female only, events, and colloquiums put on by The Society will be offered as a resource for the entire student body to present papers and get valuable feedback from peers and professors.

What does it do?

The Society exists to cultivate academic gifting and professional development in women at Southeastern at both the college and seminary levels. The way this gets accomplished is through regular meetings, mentoring relationships from professionals in academia, career networking, colloquiums, round-table discussions, and more.


Society Student Member:

This membership is for college and graduate students only.

Professional Member:

This membership is for professional associates who are using their theological gifting and education in the workplace. Professional members will have the opportunity to speak at Society meetings and mentor student members.

Friends of the Society:

This level of membership is for non-students who may not be working in a theological field, but want to invest the Society’s efforts as well as receive valuable support. This may include prospective students, wives of seminarians, or non-degree-seeking women who are interested in sharpening their theological gifts.

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The Hispanic Leadership Development Office seeks to train Spanish speaking leaders throughout the world.

We believe that training Hispanic leaders is an essential aspect of making disciples of all nations. We do this by offering various degree programs through a variety of delivery methods. The initiative includes:

  • Accredited Spanish language master's degree education to leadership cohorts in various countries
  • Spanish language certificate and master's degree online education options for Spanish speakers in the United States
  • Opportunities for Spanish speaking on campus students to get involved
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The Persian Leadership Development Office seeks to train Farsi speaking leaders throughout the world. To our knowledge, this is the first accredited degree-level training in Farsi offered from a seminary.

This initiative will provide theological education to Farsi-speaking church leaders. Southeastern's Global Theological Initiatives is partnering with a ministry organization that is offering free online training in Farsi since 2017. Ongoing strategy will include the development and offering of certificate and bachelor's level training. This bachelor's degree is the first ever of its kind offered by an accredited institution in the world. The later phases of the initiative will hopefully include masters level training in Farsi as well.

  • Theological education in Farsi for Persian church leaders
  • Accredited Farsi degrees
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East Asian Leadership Initiative seeks to train and equip East Asian leaders for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We will focus on engaging leaders across East Asia who serve both in theological education and the local church.
  • MTS, MA in CM and Certificate in Biblical Counseling starting in Fall in 2019 in East Asian Countries
  • ESL Plan TBD
  • Theological education in East Asian countries
  • The first launch date for accredited master’s degrees in China and Korea in Fall 2019
  • Different language certificate and master’s degree online education options for East Asians in the United States will be available in 2020
  • Opportunities for on-campus Asian students to get involved.
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