College Life

What is life like at Southeastern?

House System

The House System is the center of life at the College at Southeastern. Students are divided into four houses. These houses learn, grow and play together.

The Ledford Student Center

The Ledford Student Center is the hub for college life. From hanging out, to studying, to playing games, to eating, a number of student activities can be accomplished here.

Around Southeastern

Around Southeastern is the best way to stay up to date with the latest happenings at The College at Southeastern. Find out about events and how to get involved on campus. Check out our website and keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Student Activity Groups

Student activity groups at The College at Southeastern help encourage spiritual growth and promote fellowship for the college community. They also aid students in gaining knowledge and skills that will help prepare them for ministry.


The Intramural Department seeks to promote sanctification through physical activity, competition and fellowship with the goal of equipping students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission.

Student Services

There are a variety of services that are available to help our students. From health, to security, to career development and employment, we love to serve our students.