Job Search Preparation

Resume Building

Students are able to create appointments for receiving guidance about the overall resume writing process and to get focused critique their individual resumes. The process can either be done in person or via email. How-to guides are provided for both resumes and cover letters. Assistance with ministry resumes is also available.


Throughout the year, the office will host a handful of workshops and luncheons that address particular issues of career and ministry preparation such as resume building, setting career/ministry goals, networking, etc. These workshops will be held in both presentation and group interaction formats.

Mock Interviews

In order to prepare for the experience of the real thing, students can schedule an appointment to participate in a simulated interview with a representative from our office. After the mock interview, the Career Development coach will provide constructive feedback and points of emphasis for the student in order to produce experience and confidence.

Career Coaching


As part of the college experience, students will be expected to participate in a couple of key skill and career assessment projects. After the assessments have been administered, coaching will be provided to guide students with how to apply the results within their education and career preparation/decisions.

Career Exploration

Using resources such as the O’net, our office will partner with students to research and discover the career opportunities that might interest theme and to help them understand the key skills and behaviors that successful members in those careers exhibit.

Goal Setting and Accountability

In order to make the most of students’ time at Southeastern, our office will partner with them to create specific, obtainable goals that will guide their development at Southeastern. In order to encourage follow-through, our office will work with the student further to establish a valuable method for accountability that will allow our office to walk with students during this process.

Grad School Preparation

As college students enter their junior and senior years, our office will provide guidance and resources to help students with making clear decisions regarding grad school options. Beyond that, we will also provide guidance for how to increase their marketability for grad school applications.


Job Fair

Each fall semester, as part of New Student Orientation, the Student Resources office will host a job fair with 50 local employers who have available job opportunities for our students. This is a great opportunity for new and returning students to find employment for the school year.


Panel discussions with Faculty and guests

Throughout the semester, the student resources office and other members of Southeastern staff will host panel discussions, which focus on various topics in career and ministry preparation for students. A handful of these panel discussions will focus on Southeastern alumni in particular career and ministry fields.