High School Students

Concurrent and Dual Enrollment

The College at Southeastern offers two ways for high school students to receive college credit during their junior and senior years. These options will allow incoming college freshmen to start their college experience with credit hours already applied towards their degree.

Concurrent Enrollment

The Concurrent Enrollment Program at Southeastern provides high school students the opportunity to take classes for college-credit taught by college-approved high school teachers. Students gain exposure to the academic challenges of college while remaining in their supportive high school environment. Each successfully passed course earns the student transcripted college credit. Concurrent enrollment partnerships differ from other models of dual enrollment because high school instructors teach the college courses. Concurrent enrollment classes will be taken on the campus of partnering high schools with high school teachers.

Please note that the application process for Concurrent Enrollment is different than our regular application process.

  1. Download or pick up an application from your high school guidance counselor.
  2. Fill out the application. Make sure to sign your name and fill out the application with the correct course selections.
  3. Return the application to your school with a $150 per course payment attached to application (checks are to be made out to The College at Southeastern)

To download the application, click here.

North Raleigh Christian Academy

Classes that qualify for Concurrent Enrollment at NRCA and the College at Southeastern:

Course Title at NRCA
Course Title at Southeastern

Honors English

English 1

US History OR
AP European History

Western Civilization I


Theology I


History of Ideas I


Personal Finance


Spanish I

Main Contact: Benjamin Quinn 

Admissions Office:


Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment Program is offered to juniors and seniors in high school. These students can be in either a public school, private school or homeschool setting. The purpose of the Dual Enrollment Program is to offer high school and college credits for the enrolled student. Thus, the student upon completing college classes will receive both high school and college credits. Most courses are offered online. Certain courses are available for high school students to take on campus, giving them the opportunity to experience the culture of The College at Southeastern at its finest.

Some of the application requirements necessitate that the applicant be currently enrolled in a high school, have an outstanding high school record and show proof of completion of the 10th grade. In addition, he/she must be at least 16 years of age. 

If the student is in the public school system, he/she is asked to first meet with the school’s guidance counselor for more information about the Dual Enrollment Program. In addition, it would greatly benefit the high school or homeschooled student to contact the Admissions Office at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary as to which classes are available for dual credit.

All courses are fully accredited by SACSCOC and transferable. It is advised to first check with the desired college for course transferability. Any courses taken with The College at Southeastern can be applied to any undergraduate degree at the college with no penalty or upcharge in tuition fees.

There are two ways to become a dually enrolled student: 1) fill out a dual enrollment application and take specifically designed Dual Enrollment courses; 2) fill out a credit-only application and take any core class available through our undergraduate program.

If you choose to apply as an undergraduate credit only student, you are eligible to take any core course offering in a semester. These courses are billed at the current undergraduate tuition rate per hour plus a student enrollment fee. Using this application process will allow the student to follow normal institutional orientation and registration policies.

If you register for the specially designed Dual Enrollment courses, you will take a special selection of classes at a reduced rate of $250 per course. The rotation of classes for Fall and Spring semesters are listed below. By using this application, you will indicate which course you wish to take for dual enrollment and will be manually enrolled for the course(s). Click the links above or to the left to apply.

Fall Semester
English Composition 1
Western Civilization 1
American History 1
Old Testament Survey
British Literature

Spring Semester
Intro to Computers
English Composition 2
Western Civilization 2
American History 2
New Testament Survey
American Literature
Intro to Philosophy

The student can also take College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests to receive college credit. Credit will be awarded to students earning a minimum qualifying score equivalent to a grade of C in accordance with the “Credit-Granting Recommendations” on the College Board website for specific classes following CLEP examinations (see College at Southeastern’s online catalogue for details).

For more information concerning the Dual Enrollment Program at the College at Southeastern, please contact the Admissions Department:

Beyond High School

The College at Southeastern offers a wide array of degrees and concentrations that equip students to be competitive in a variety of different vocations and to think well as they serve Christ with their lives.

Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts degree is a College program designed to provide students with the Christian background and foundation that is needed for informed lay leadership in the local church. In addition, the degree is designed as a two-year college transfer program. Students should consult the institution to which they intend to transfer in order to determine admission and transfer requirements.

Associate of Arts classes include History of Ideas, Western Civilization, Old and New Testament Introductions and Christian Theology.


Bachelor of Arts

All Bachelor of Arts students at The College at Southeastern complete a minor in Christian Studies in addition to their major(s) and any additional minor(s). The Core Curriculum, is composed of two elements-General Studies (48hrs) and Christian Studies minor (24hrs).

Majors are available in Biblical Studies, English, Global Studies, History, History (Pre-Law track), Interdisciplinary Studies, Humanities, Justice and Social Ethics, Pastoral Ministry, Philosophy, Student Ministry, Theology, and Worship Ministry.

Minors are available in Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Business, English, English as a Second Language (ESL), Global Studies, History, Humanities, Justice and Social Ethics, Missions, Music, Organizational Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Preaching, Psychology, Student Ministry, Theology and Writing, Rhetoric, and Communications.

To find out more about admission to the College at Southeastern click here.