Estimate Your Cost

This cost estimator can help you understand your potential costs for the 2017-2018 academic year. Use this to help you plan financially for your education at The College at Southeastern. This estimator does not in any way determine the exact amount of your tuition and fees, rather it serves as a guide for you to estimate your cost for The College at Southeastern. This list may not include all published fees. Please see the Tuition & Fees Schedule for all approved rates & fees.

2017-2018 Tuition & Fees

Standard Tuition $694

Tuition with Southern Baptist Scholarship $348

Military Rate $348

Fall/Spring semester $290

Summer or J-Term courses $75

Fall 2017 Dorm Rate $1,100*

Winter 2018 Dorm Rate $265*

Spring 2018 Dorm Rate $1,100*

Summer 2018 Dorm Rate $800*

Meal Plan: $1395

*These rates are for the traditional students only. For family housing rates and options for students over 22 years of age, visit our non-traditional housing page.

Non-refundable Application Fee $40

International Student Deposit (Single) $2,500

International Student Deposit (Married) $3,500

New Student Fee (one time) $130

Audit Fee (per course) $50

Add/Drop Fee (per course after registration date) $25

Late Registration Fee $125

Music Lesson Fee (per private course) $210

Individualized Study Fee $125

Advanced Standing Test Fee (per credit hour)$42

Textbooks (Estimated at $100 per course)