Bachelor of Science in Christian Worldview and Apologetics

The Bachelor of Science in Christian Worldview and Apologetics equips students to the major issues and problems in philosophy and apologetics. It provides special emphasis on understanding, developing, and defending the Christian worldview. This program is ideal for those seeking vocational training through the BS program and for those interested in further study at the graduate level in philosophy, theology, ministry, classical studies, or law.

In addition to the Core Curriculum with Vocational Electives or Business Minor, Christian Worldview and Apologetics majors must complete the following:

Total required credits: 127

Average completion time: 4 years.

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What kind of classes will I take?

PHI 3550 - Epistemology 3 semester hr(s).

PHI 3570 - Modern & Contemporary Philosophy 3 semester hr(s).

PHI 4600 - Christian Apologetics 3 semester hr(s).


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