Meet the President

Do you ever wonder what you were born to do? Do you wonder what your mission is, or how your individual talents and interests could possibly make an impact? What if the mission has already been set before us, even as we play our part in different ways? The future of Christian ministry is becoming more and more diverse. I’m encouraged by a growing movement of Christians with a variety of gifts, callings and careers who are called to be part of God’s mission to make disciples of all nations. WHETHER YOU BECOME A LAWYER, NURSE, ENGLISH TEACHER, MISSIONARY OR PASTOR, GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU TO BE INVOLVED IN HIS MISSION. That's why I am excited to introduce you to The College at Southeastern. This is a place where you can be trained both theologically and vocationally. Maybe you'll study English or maybe you're interested in pastoral ministry. Whatever you choose, we can equip you to live out the gospel in any career path. The Lord Jesus Christ came to change the world, and He has called us to join Him in doing just that. Come discover your mission at The College at Southeastern. Go with us.