Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

The major in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics integrates conversations from various intellectual disciplines into a single major. The program is composed of courses in economics, political philosophy, and theology and culture to uncover the major ideas that shape our world. Students who complete this program are ideally suited to enter the sphere of public service or for further graduate work.

Total required credits: 127

Average completion time: 4 years.

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What kind of classes will I take?

  • ECO 2500 - Introduction to Economics 
  • ECO 2650 - Principles of Finance 
  • POL 3500 - American Government 
  • HIS 3650 - American Constitutional Development 
  • HOI 3510 - Seminar in Theology & Culture 
  • HOI 3520 - Seminar in Philosophy and Science 
  • HOI 3530 - Seminar in History and Politics 
  • HOI 4599 - Senior Colloquium: History of Ideas 








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who will teach me?


Dr. Bruce Ashford
Professor of Theology and Culture


Dr. Jamie Dew
Associate Professor of History of Ideas and Philosophy


Dr. Brent Aucoin
Professor of History


Dr. Benjamin Quinn
Assistant Professor of Theology and History of Ideas