The minor in Justice and Social Ethics assists students in constructing a biblical framework through which to understand and evaluate how God’s righeousness applies to ethical topics in contemporary society. Further, it equips students to engage in culturally relevant moral discussions from a Judeo-Christian worldview by speaking biblical truth, reflecting God’s justice, and spreading God’s kingdom.

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At a Glance

  • 18

    Total credit hours

  • 1

    year average completion time

Program Courses

What kind of classes will I take?

Choose six of the following electives:

  • ETH 3610 – Moral Foundations of Marriage and Family 3 semester hr(s).
  • ETH 4503 – Systems of Moral Philosophy 3 semester hr(s).
  • ETH 4620 – Christian Ethics and the State 3 semester hr(s).
  • ETH 4630 – Ethics of War and Peace 3 semester hr(s).
  • ETH 4640 – Created Order and Environmental Ethics 3 semester hr(s).
  • ETH 4650 – Ethics of Wealth and Poverty 3 semester hr(s).
  • ETH 4660 – Social Justice and Race Relations 3 semester hr(s).
  • ETH 4670 – Ethics of Life and Death 3 semester hr(s).
  • ETH 4690 – Moral Decision-Making and the Will of God 3 semester hr(s).
  • ETH 4695 – Christian Sexual Ethics 3 semester hr(s).

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