The major in History (Pre-Law) prepares students for a future in the legal profession. The program provides students with a basic knowledge of United States history and the development of America’s political and legal institutions. In addition, it teaches the skills identified by the American Bar Association’s Section on Legal Education as essential in the legal profession: analytical and problem-solving skills; critical reading abilities; writing skills; oral communication; and research skills. This curriculum is designed to equip students for a lifetime of Christian work and ministry in the legal profession. The core competencies of Spiritual Formation, Biblical Exposition, and Ministry Preparation are most directly addressed in the Christian Studies component of the BA with History (Pre-Law) curriculum. However, the core competencies of Theological Integration and Christian Leadership are addressed more directly by required courses in this curriculum which promote an understanding of the Biblical approach to history, ethics, government, and political philosophy.

  • On-Campus

At a Glance

  • 49

    Core Hours

  • 6

    Language Hours

  • 24

    Christian Studies Minor Hours

  • 30

    History (Pre-Law) Hours

  • 18

    Elective Hours

  • 127

    Total Hours

Program Courses


Below is a sample of the required courses. To see a complete list, view the academic catalog.

  • POL 3500 – American Government
  • HIS 4599 – Senior Colloquium in History
  • HIS 3650 – American Constitutional Development
  • PHI 3510 – Logic
  • PHI 3520 – Rhetoric
  • HOI 3530 – Seminar in History and Politics

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