Residence Life

The College at Southeastern offers an array of options for housing, depending on age and level of degree completion. Our on-campus students participate in the House System, which provides community and discipleship along with a comfortable living space. Goldston Hall and Lolley Hall are the designated residence halls for students in our House System.

The following Undergraduate Residency Policy is in place:

  • All incoming residential students with less than 90 credit hours completed toward their degree are required to live on campus and participate in the House System.
  • Once a student completes 90 credit hours, they may choose to remain within the designated residence halls (provided space is still available), move to another area of campus housing or move out of campus housing.


  • Students who are 22 years old at the time of enrollment.
  • Students who are married.

Housing Exemptions:

  • Students who marry during enrollment will be allowed to move out immediately.
  • Students who turn 22 during the middle of a semester will be allowed to move out at the conclusion of that semester.
  • Students who will be living with their parents or legal guardians.*
  • Students who have dependents.*
  • Students who are dually-enrolled.*
  • Students with certified medical needs or other circumstances.*

*Requests for an exemption must be made to the Housing Office in writing. All exemptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All requests for exceptions or exemptions must be submitted before the following deadlines to be considered:

For current students :

  • October 31 for spring semesters
  • March 31 for fall semesters

For incoming students:

  • December 15 for spring semesters
  • July 31 for fall semesters

The Housing Office retains the right to deny a request or initiate a move due to space limitations.

For students who meet the exceptions to our residence life policy, we have a wide array of affordable housing options. For more information, including photos and floor plans, see here.

Helpful documents:

College at Southeastern House System Handbook

Dorm Housing Agreement