Student Activity Groups

Student activity groups at Southeastern help encourage spiritual growth and promote fellowship for the college community. They also aid students in gaining knowledge and skills that will help prepare them for ministry. Each activity group is committed to being a godly example of fellowship and love, to nurturing and training members to be Christian examples in all that they do, and to following the moral and ethical guidelines found in Scripture as interpreted in the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 and the Student Handbook.

Current Student Groups

About the Performing Arts Club:

Do you have acting experience and want to use it? Have you ever wanted to perform but never had the opportunity? Check out the Performing Arts Club (PAC). PAC is a group of Southeastern students that enjoys live action performance in front of audiences. We want to sharpen your performance skills in the hope that God can use you in Christian and non-Christian settings alike. Come join us or see us live and be ready to have a good time. 


About SLAM:

Southeastern Literature and Arts Magazine (SLAM) provides a community where students can share creative works of literature, such as poetry, prose, and visual art alongside critical essays. Publishing annually in the Spring, SLAM accepts submissions year-round. Intern reader positions are also available.


Mission Statement: 

We exist to glorify God by equipping all Southeastern students to learn and
maintain the biblical languages so that they might better understand and teach the
Scriptures and thereby serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission.

About BLE: 

The Biblical Languages for Everyone (BLE) student group aims to promote and facilitate students' learning of the biblical languages. We do this primarily in three ways: 1) hosting weekly Greek and Hebrew reading groups to provide hands-on guided translation experience in Scripture, 2) connecting students with volunteer tutors for one-on-one help, and 3) hosting a biblical language event each semester. Our group is oriented towards the average student enrolled in Greek and/or Hebrew classes, and this is reflected in the format of our reading groups where the goal is to improve through practice as a sort of group tutoring session. Each attendee has a chance to read and translate according to their comfort level as we work through a biblical book and engage in group discussion led by a more experienced student of the language. All levels of language proficiency are welcome, though students who have finished one semester will be able to follow more of the discussion.

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