The House System

The House System is The College at Southeastern’s college life program. We seek to raise up students who are excellent in everything they do and look like Jesus in every aspect of their lives. We do this purposefully through the House System. From the moment a student steps on campus, they are being pursued by students in House System leadership who are intentional in community and accountability.

All incoming non-married students between the ages of 18-24 are placed in a House and find out their House placement via email after acceptance to The College at Southeastern.

What does the house system do?

House System Mission Trip

House System Mission Trip

Every spring, the House System goes on mission together for a week. Students have the opportunity to serve, share the gospel, and give their lives for the cause of Christ. This mission trip is offered through the Center for Great Commission Studies in partnership with the House System.



Calibrate is a time of worship for The College to come together and remember why they are pursuing ministry. These worship nights are meant to glorify God; unify The College; and worship through music, Scripture, testimonies, and other creative expressions. Each House host one Calibrate a year.

House Competition

House Competition

Throughout the academic year, Houses compete in a variety of events, and each House hosts one competitions per year. These competitions culminate in the House Tournament — a two-day event involving literature, art, trivia, and a field day. The winning House is awarded the House Cup.

College Fall Retreat

College Fall Retreat

Every fall, the House System steps away from campus for a weekend of teaching, worship, rest, and retreat. Each House is invited to come and enjoy The College community in a new context. Houses pile into vans and head out to that year's destination on Friday and return Sunday afternoon.

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Who are the house founders?

Each of the houses at The College at Southeastern is named for a person of great influence in Church History. Read more about them below and see our houses on Instagram. Instagram

Fuller House

Andrew Fuller was a renowned English Baptist theologian and missionary advocate. Although he had no special ministry training, his talent for exposition led the Baptist Church at Soham to call him as their pastor, where he remained for several years until God called him to pastor a church in Kettering. While the works of Baptist and Puritan authors influenced Fuller, he is well known for ultimately looking to the Scriptures for his theological convictions. His writings inspired many during his time, including his close friend William Carey. Fuller became one of the founders of the Baptist Missionary Society and also served as its secretary. As Carey became the first missionary sent out from the Baptist Missionary Society, Fuller directed and maintained the work at home, tirelessly promoting the society and its missionary efforts.

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Schaeffer House

Francis Schaeffer was an American theologian, philosopher and pastor who promoted historic Protestantism instead of the modern approach to theology of his day. He believed that Christian apologetics could answer the questions of modern society. Schaeffer established the L’Abri community in Switzerland, where people seeking answers to life’s questions could come and find their answers in the truths of Scripture. Schaeffer is best known for his unique ability to communicate biblical truth, coupling intellectual integrity with love and care. He was deeply committed to Christ, working hard to understand modern thought and how Scripture answers life’s biggest questions.

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Judson House

Adoniram and Ann Judson became the first American Baptist international missionaries, giving their lives to see the people of Myanmar (Burma) reached with the gospel. Adoniram’s call to missions closely followed his conversion, and together with other seminary students, Adoniram influenced the formation of America’s first mission board. After he and Ann married, they made their way to Myanmar, where Adoniram spent the next 38 years of his life. Both the Judsons devoted themselves to learning the Burmese language, leading Adoniram to translate the Bible into Burmese. Before her death at the early age of 37, Ann made a lasting impact as a missionary. She cared deeply about education for Burmese girls and began a school for them where they learned the gospel. The faithfulness of the Judsons resulted in the establishment of a native Burmese church and several Burmese people coming to faith.

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Liele House

George Liele was born into slavery in Virginia and became a Christian in 1773. He had a deep concern for the souls of his fellow slaves and was ordained as a missionary to them in 1775. Liele and many other slaves sided with the British during the Revolutionary War, along with Liele’s owner, Henry Sharp, who granted Liele his freedom in 1778. Liele evacuated the United States after the war with his family and sailed to Jamaica. He soon became a missionary to the Jamaican people, seeing hundreds baptized and organized into churches. He caught the attention of slave owners and the government, and was put in prison several times for causing a disturbance among the slaves. By 1814, Liele’s influence resulted in an estimated 8,000 Baptists in Jamaica.

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Brainerd House

David Brainerd was an American missionary to Native American people groups in Delaware, New York, and New Jersey. Converted at the age of 21, he began his ministry right away and would only minister for eight years before passing away from Tuberculosis, a disease that he dealt with during most of his missionary endeavors. Brainerd is known for his ministry to Native American people groups despite their initial reluctance to receive the gospel. He was persistent in his ministry and teaching and would eventually see many come to understand the gospel, be saved, and get baptized. Despite ongoing battles with depression, loneliness, and sickness, Brainerd was faithful to gospel ministry during his life and an inspiration to some of the most well-known missionaries in the modern era.

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