Dual Enrollment On Campus

On Campus Dual Enrollment

The College at Southeastern offers on-campus dual enrollment course options to high school students who thrive best in an “in-person” learning environment. We have limited seating available to dual enrollment students in select core, undergraduate courses. Please reach out to for more information regarding which courses are available.

Students will register for on-campus courses through the “Traditional Dual Enrollment Application.” Students will need to use the application each semester that they register for courses.

On-campus dual Enrollment cost: $295/per course

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Dual enrollment is open to high school students in 11th and 12th grade who are at least 16 years old. (Students must be 16 years old by August 31st to enroll in the Fall semester and 16 years old by January 31st to enroll in the Spring semester.)

Dual enrollment courses are offered at a reduced rate of $295 per class. This is a fraction of The College at Southeastern’s standard tuition cost, which can be viewed here. Because dual enrollment courses are offered at a significantly reduced rate, no further financial aid can be offered.

Students will register for classes through the online dual enrollment application found on our “High School Students” webpage.

Students must use the dual enrollment application each semester they register for classes.

For a list of available on-campus courses please reach out to