Description: The Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund desires to award scholarships to students interested in pursuing Baptist ministry after their time at The College at Southeastern. The Keesee Fund is open to undergraduate students who are residents of NC, SC, GA, TN, KY, WV or VA and have lived there for 12 months prior to any schooling in the states listed above. Applicants must be a rising junior or senior and have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. This scholarship has potential to award students up to $4,000 per academic year. Students must reapply each year to receive the grant for a maximum of 2 years. Students are allowed to be enrolled in two online courses per semester.

The following majors are acceptable for the application: Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Ministry, Theology, Worship Leadership or Global Studies OR Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with a minor in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Ministry, Missions, Global Studies, Preaching or Theology.

Deadline: The deadline for this scholarship is typically in May.

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Description: Scholarships for students from TN. There are various scholarships available with different requirements.


Deadline: The deadline for this scholarship is typically in March.


Contact: (615) 321-4939;


Mailing Address:

3833 Cleghorn Avenue

Nashville, TN 37215


Description: Applicants must be students of good character and be a dependent child/or grandchild of a Chattanooga area pastor or ministry leader. Applicants can also be a current Dora Maclellan Brown Scholar, or a student from Chattanooga studying for ministry at the post-high school level. Applicants must plan to be enrolled full-time, and be able to fund their remaining balance for school. The scholarship committee will approve scholarship applications.


Contact: 479-754-2930


Description: Scholarships for full-time students from Tennessee. Must maintain a 2.5 GPA.


Deadline: The deadline for this scholarship is typically in April.


Contact: (800) 552-4644


Description: Scholarships for male or female residents of Tennessee who are pursuing a career in missions/ministry. Students are usually awarded up to $1,000.00



Contact: (800) 558-2090, ext. 7919.

(615) 371-2038


Mailing Address:

Tennessee WMU

PO Box 728

Brentwood, TN 37024