Financial Aid

Financial Aid at Southeastern

Southeastern’s Standard Financial Aid Application is open to any prospective or current student in any degree program during the Application Periods listed below; however, incoming students who were accepted to Southeastern past the deadlines may still be able to apply after application periods have closed.

December 1 – January 31 for the upcoming Academic Year.

September 1 – September 30 for the upcoming Spring Semester only.

Successfully completing the financial aid application accomplishes the following on behalf of the student:

It automatically applies the student for Southeastern’s General Scholarships

It automatically applies the student for each of Southeastern’s other Designated Scholarships for which he or she may be eligible.

It may provide additional opportunities to apply for Southeastern’s Specialized Scholarships, which may also require answers to additional application questions.

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Information about Eligibility Standards as well as a variety of other scholarships is also available on this website. Other scholarships may include additional requirements as well as a separate application altogether. Please peruse the links in the left-hand column under “Financial Aid” to discover more.

Due to the generosity of commissioning churches within the SBC, Southeastern is able to provide a substantial amount of aid to its students who are members of an SBC church. This amount is equivalent to 50% of what a student would normally pay for tuition and fees, and is considered a significant source of Financial Aid.

The Financial Aid Office at Southeastern hosts a significant variety of institutional and external sources of financial aid. Southeastern’s institutional sources of aid includes all of its various in-house funds, while external sources include funds which may be available to Southeastern students from outside the institution. Please note, however, Southeastern does not accept any Title IV funding from the federal government. Students seeking financial aid should first complete Southeastern’s Standard Financial Aid Application as well as pursue and apply for as many other scholarships for which they may be eligible. Scholarship awards are committee-recommended and are based on a variety of parameters, such as need, merit, donor specifications, consideration of other awarded aid, and the availability of funds.

Southeastern is committed to honoring the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. In an effort to show our appreciation, we offer a significant tuition discount to qualified active-duty members and veterans.

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