Development Stages

An Important Journey

Discover, Decide, Develop, and Deliver. These four stages come together to create the Career Development Cycle, through which students are guided. Each stage of the cycle breaks down into various activities and resources that Southeastern uses to serve students at Southeastern. Wherever you currently are in your college career, our office suggests that students begin at the “Discover” stage and work forward from there in order to grasp the entire experience that Southeastern has developed. Along the way, the Career Development office offers students support in order to optimize each stage.

Furthermore, our office has put forth a section of the four vital virtues for the career development process. Alongside the core competencies that govern the whole education, Southeastern seeks to cultivate these four virtues within our students. Ultimately, the goal for career development is to shape our students into people with the character needed to go forth and flourish in a variety of vocations within an ever-changing world of work.

Career Development Virtues

Each person is called to fulfill God’s mission, and the particular expression of that fulfillment in ministry and career is what we see as each student’s vocation. The whole goal of the Career Development cycle, therefore, is assist students to determine the ways to best fulfill this mission in their present and future vocations.

A large portion of the Career Development process is the students’ ability to honestly consider their abilities and limitations. In order for this to happen, the career development office provides an opportunity for students to embrace the humility needed to admit their weaknesses, see themselves in a fresh light, and work to apply advice and guidance from others.

There are no secret skills required to experience a fruitful career development process. Nonetheless, the process does take hard work and discipline to be fruitful. In order to gain the most fruit from this process, the career development office seeks to hold students accountable to a commitment to focus and do the hard-work of progressing towards their goals. In the end, the office hopes to shape students into Christian men and women whose futures are served well by their discipline.

Whether it is presenting themselves to employers or working with a mentor to grow in spiritual and professional maturity, integrity is essential for success in this process. Any presentation of a student’s qualifications and readiness for a career must be honest and accurate. The Career Development office serves to engrain this virtue into the whole career development process, and coaches students to express themselves with integrity during their job search processes.

Development Process

The discovery period is where a student actively thinks about themselves in their life situations and, particularly, in the world of work. This period goes beyond simply day-dreaming. True self-discovery requires intentional dedication to think about one’s own aptitudes, desires, and values and how they actually translate to ways the student may flourish in life after college. Alongside this self-discovery, the students will be assisted to research and discover what real-world options are available for life beyond Southeastern.


  • Self-Assessment
  • Career exploration
  • Brainstorming your options


As the discovery period progresses, the student will soon transition to the deciding stage. During this stage, the student will be guided to create personal and career development goals. The student will consider all the options he or she has discovered and will narrow his or her field of vision down to a few specific goals. As a result, the student is able to confidently progress through their time at Southern by keeping these goals in mind. Moreover, Southeastern will work with students to use their education to fulfill these goals. While long term goals may change along the way, this process can provide a framework for the kind of person the student wants to become during life at Southeastern.


  • Choosing 1-3 career paths/options
  • Developing a plan to accomplish their goal
  • Forming a clear vision of possible futures.


Once students have established their goals and vision, they will work toward these goals. This work is the core of the development period. Before this period, students have already created a rough sketch of the kind of person they would like to be in the future, and now they need to start working on becoming that person. Change is a gradual process, so this period will be handled with deliberate and intentional effort, by the combined efforts of both the students and Southeastern, in order to achieve these goals.


  • Developing Career specific skills and personal virtues
  • Building experiences for their resume
  • Learning about the keys to success in their desired career fields.


After student has spent the majority of their college experience becoming the kind of person who can flourish after graduation, the final stage will be to move forward. Delivering is the process of the student getting themselves out into the working world. During this process, Career Development supports the students in seeking the positions that they have prepared themselves for at Southeastern and helps them think through what it means to flourish in their vocation.


  • Networking
  • Job Search Preparation (Resume, interview, etc.)
  • Working with excellence.