Application Requirements

All applicants are required to submit:

  1. Online Application, which includes the following:

    • Completed application form.
    • Recent “head and shoulders” photo (color or black and white).
    • Three completed Character Reference Forms (One must be from a pastor).
    • A non-refundable application fee of $40.
      • The application fee is to be paid online at the end of the application.
    • A completed Medical Information Form.
    • A completed Immunization History Form.
    • A completed Church Recommendation Form.
    • Spouse’s Personal Statement (if married).
    • A completed Southeastern Covenant.
  2. Official transcript(s) from all secondary and post-secondary schools attended sent to

    • Initial transcript showing up to first semester of senior year OR high school equivalency certificate (GED).
    • Final transcript upon graduation.
    • Transcripts from all postsecondary schools attended (including students with a GED).
  3. An official SAT, ACT or CLT score sent directly to the Admissions Office from the testing agency.

    • SAT college code: 7050.
    • ACT college code: 3092.

*If a student has earned 30 or more college credits or is 25 years of age or older, they do not need to submit test scores.

In some cases, additional documents may be required. Contact the Admissions Office for more details.                  

Under certain circumstances, applicants may receive a conditional or a restricted admission. Details of any condition or restriction upon enrollment will be provided with the official letter of admission.

Applicants to Southeastern waive all rights to privileged knowledge of the decision-making process leading toward admission. All references and other evaluative documents will be confidential. The decision of the Admissions Committee acting officially on behalf of the faculty is final. However, an applicant who fails to be admitted may reapply with the same application materials for the following year.

Application Deadlines

Applications can be submitted up to one year in advance of anticipated enrollment.

Once the application is complete and all supplemental materials are received, the admissions office will notify the prospective student within 30 days.

There is no firm deadline for application submissions. However, we request that applications be submitted no later than one month before anticipated enrollment. Applications submitted within 30 days of the beginning of the semester will be considered but may not be approved prior to the start of classes.

Note: Students planning to live in campus housing should note that space is limited, and housing applications are processed by the Housing Office by date of acceptance to Southeastern. Therefore, it is wise to complete the application process as early as possible.

More Information

To be considered for admission, all transfer students must submit the following:

  • All of the above requirements for admission.
  • Official transcripts for all postsecondary institutions attended.

To be considered for admission, all home school students must submit the following:

  • Official transcripts from a lawfully operated non-public school containing
    • The home school’s name, address and telephone number
    • Titles of the subjects completed during each academic year
    • The numerical (or letter) grade and unit credit earned for each subject
    • The date of graduation (if applicable).
  • A copy of the certification verifying the lawful operation of the school.
  • Nationally standardized test scores (e.g. California or Iowa) submitted from the testing agency.
  • Official SAT or ACT test scores.
    • SAT code: 7050
    • ACT code: 3092

Note: The Admissions Office may also request a portfolio or bibliography of high school coursework if deemed necessary.

The admissions procedure for international students requires additional information and processing time due to college policies and the requirements of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

In order to qualify for admission to the college, international students should provide the following:

Non-degree or Credit-only students take courses for personal enrichment, to transfer to other institutions or to fulfill mission board requirements.

Non-degree students can take up to 30 hours of transferable credit. Fees are the same as degree-seeking students.

Non-degree students are not permitted to live in student housing unless their spouse is a degree-seeking student at Southeastern.

Anyone may audit courses at The College at Southeastern with the professor’s approval.

Contact the Registrar’s Office to apply to audit a course. 919.761.2215 or 

Non-credit courses such as Theological German and Theological Latin are not available to auditors.

There are two pathways for reapplying to Southeastern. If you have not been enrolled in classes for one full academic year (a fall and a spring semester), your account as a student becomes inactivated. Between 1 and 3 academic years (cutoff is 6 successive fall/spring semesters), you may reapply through the abbreviated Readmission process. If you have any questions about this process, please contact our Coordinator for Student Success at


If you have not been in enrolled in classes (or started classes and dropped all of them) in longer than 3 academic years (6 successive fall/spring semesters), you will need to apply through our full application process as though you were applying for the first time. The Admissions Office will be able to reuse certain items that have been sent previously (i.e. transcripts), but others may need to be completed again.