Interested in Teaching?

The College at Southeastern has developed numerous pathways for those who are called to be teachers. The College at Southeastern will cultivate students to serve the needs of their communities by providing a well-rounded liberal arts education with a strong preparation in Christian Studies. Graduates from our programs will be equipped with the skills and abilities as well as experience to pursue this vocation for the glory of God.

Teacher Education Licensure Track at The College at Southeastern

Vision of the Program:

The vision of the Teaching Licensure track is to prepare those called to serve as teachers. In addition to meeting all requirements for North Carolina State licensure, graduates from this program will be prepared and equipped to care for each student in their classroom. Our program develops compassionate teachers who are committed to their students learning well. They will develop competence to lead classroom instruction successfully in a chosen specialty area to ensure that their student’s needs are met. The College at Southeastern eagerly seeks to train highly qualified teachers at a time when there is a severe shortage of licensed teachers in our state and many parts of the nation. Many of our students will view their career as the ministry of teaching in a school.

Graduates may pursue a public-school position where they will serve their students as they respond to the biblical mandate to be salt and light in a world that needs virtuous and compassionate leaders. Some will pursue teaching as a primary career on the mission field. Others will be involved in bi-vocational ministry with teaching as a second career. Wherever God may lead our students, we will prepare them for a lifetime of service as teachers and equip them in biblical and theological studies.

About the Program:

The Teacher Education Licensure track at The College will be offered in conjunction with four new majors, which outline the particular areas of licensure to be made available to students:

  • B.S. in English with Teaching Licensure Track (Secondary)
  • B.S. in History with Teaching Licensure Track (Secondary)
  • B.S. in Social Studies with Teaching Licensure track (Middle Grades and Secondary)

Degree Requirements:

  • BS Core (40 hours)
  • Christian Studies (24 hours)
  • Teacher Licensure Track (34 hours)
  • English, History and SS Major (30 hours)

Teaching Licensure Track – Required Courses (34 credit hours):

  • EDU 3000: Introduction to Teaching (1 hr)
  • EDU 3100: Foundations of Education (3 hrs)
  • PSY 3510: Child/Adolescent Development (3 hrs)
  • EDU 3510: Teaching Reading and Writing in the Concentration Area (3 hrs)
  • EDU 3520: Education Psychology (3 hrs)
  • EDU 3620: Educational Technology and Teaching (3 hrs)
  • EDU 3710: Assessment in the Classroom (3 hrs)
  • EDU 4510: Teaching Methodology (3 hrs)
  • EDU 4520: Children with Exceptionalities(3 hrs)
  • EDU 4580: Student Teaching (8 hrs)
  • EDU 4599: Senior Seminar: Critical Issues in Education (1 hr)

Overview of the Program:

Course work, both in The College at Southeastern classroom and on the partner school campus during the junior and senior years, will emphasize that the teacher is responsible for seeing that all students in the classroom learn and grow academically, socially, and morally.

Psychology courses and the Foundations of Education course will provide a conceptual and historical framework for the development of this approach. The methods courses and field-based work will emphasize strategies of instruction which recognize the diversity of learning styles and the varied capabilities that exist among students in high school classrooms today.

Students will receive 12 hours of field experience and meet all requirements as set by SB599 § 115C-269.25.c. These field experiences provide students with opportunities that gradually increase their interactions with high school students from tutoring them in areas of difficulties to planning and implementing small units of instruction.

Second-semester juniors taking the course, EDU 3520 Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Area, will be assigned one or more students at a local low performing high school. Their time will be spent designing and implementing reading techniques to help the students improve their reading comprehension.

The program culminates in one semester of student teaching in a field site partner school. Students will complete 16 weeks of teaching throughout the semester. Students will prepare such elements as lesson plans, supplemental resources, assessments and records systems, and classroom management plans, all of which contribute towards a capstone portfolio project in each semester. During the semester of student teaching, students will utilize their portfolio material to complete the tasks of the PPAT assessment as demonstration of their completion of all program outcomes.

For More Information:

Please contact the Admissions office at 919-761-2324 or email: [email protected]

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