Wake County Extension Center

WCEC and the AA and BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

The mission of the WCEC program at NCCIW is to equip and educate incarcerated women to lead and serve in whatever they do, wherever they are. We want students to contribute to their families and society in a positive way whether they are working post-release, receiving more education, or continuing to serve their sentence at NCCIW.

About this Program

The Wake County Extension Center (WCEC) offers both an Associate of Arts degree and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with a secondary emphasis on entrepreneurship to incarcerated women in the state of North Carolina. This degree is the same degree offered at the main campus in Wake Forest, NC. The College at Southeastern began offering this degree in August 2020 at the newly established Wake County Extension Center (WCEC).

How You Can Help

Prison Programs provides resources for training incarcerated students by delivering a rigorous, liberal arts education rooted in a Judeo-Christian worldview. As students study, expand their knowledge, and are prepared for service it can increase the long-term impact on both individual lives and the system of North Carolina. When you give, you are equipping people to lead and serve in whatever they do, wherever they are.

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