Hunt Scholars

Hunt Scholars

Are you called to Pastoral Ministry?

The Hunt Scholars Program is for those who have discerned a call to pastoral ministry in the local church. This immersive degree program weds classroom instruction, personal mentoring, ministry networking, and practical field experience. Hunt Scholars are trained as theologians, prepared as pastors, and mobilized for the mission.

Are you gifted Academically?

The accelerated nature of the Hunt Scholars Program requires diligence, balance, and persistence that further prepares the students for the demands of pastoral ministry. The program is designed to be academically rigorous while also being ministerially relevant. Students will be exposed to graduate level courses after two years of study and must maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout the program.

Are you ready to be equipped?

The Hunt Scholars Program offers premier training through personal investment from world class scholars and experienced pastors. In addition to earning academic credit for ministry internships, students also have personal interaction throughout each semester with seasoned leaders from a variety of churches and ministry contexts. The holistic program is designed to prepare students for immediate ministry placement and a lifetime of fruitful service for Christ’s Kingdom.

Ready to Go?

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