Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science degree is composed of a Core Curriculum (37 hours), a major (45 hours), and vocational electives or business minor (45 hours; see below for details) for a total of 127 hours.

Majors & Minors

The Bachelor of Science

  • BS in Biblical Studies

    Equips students to translate and exegete Hebrew and Greek texts and to understand them within the broader scope of Christian thought

  • BS in Christian Ethics

    Ideal for those seeking vocational training through the BS program and for those seeking additional theological training at the seminary level.

  • BS in Christian Worldview and Apologetics

    Prepares the student to face the major issues and problems in philosophy and apologetics.

  • BS in Global Studies

    Introduces students to the variety and complexity of cultures around the world.

  • BS in Pastoral Ministry

    Equips students with the knowledge and skills central to the work of pastors through classes in pastoral ministry, discipleship, counseling, and Bible exposition.

  • BS in Student Ministry

    Designed to train student ministers with the goal of developing mature disciples of Christ.

  • BS in Teacher Education

    Teacher Education Licensure Track is offered in conjunction with four new majors, which outline the particular areas of licensure to be made available to students.

  • Vocational Electives

    Students have the option of transferring in an A.A./A.S., dual-enrolling in a vocational program at another institution.

  • Business Minor

    The minor in business introduces students to the basic areas of business and the strategies for sound business practices.

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Other degree options

5-year Bachelor and Master Program

Our 5-year programs present a unique opportunity for students to pursue their calling and get to the work of ministry faster. Students in one of our 5-year programs will finish their bachelor’s degree and master’s degree up to a 1.5 years faster than typical students.

Associates Degrees

The College at Southeastern offers two types of Associate Degrees—the Associate of Divinity (A.Div.) and the Associate of Arts (A.A.). The A.Div. is specially designed with pastors in mind, to help equip you with the tools you need to minister through preaching, teaching, counseling and administration in the local church. The A.A. degrees provide students with the foundation they need for lay leadership in the local church and for further theological study at the undergraduate level.

Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies

The College at Southeastern offers the Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAIS), a program designed to prepare students for effective service in a cross-cultural setting, especially designed for those with experience in cross-cultural settings