Bachelor of Arts

The BA at Southeastern consists of a core curriculum which includes vital training in biblical studies, Christian worldview, world history, theology and English. In addition to their selected major, all students complete a minor in Christian studies with the option of adding a second minor in their area of interest.

Majors & Minors

What will you study at Southeastern?

  • BA in Biblical Studies

    Designed to equip persons for leadership in Christian ministries that require a special expertise in biblical studies and exegesis in the original languages.

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  • BA in Christian Counseling

    Designed to prepare for a life of ministry with a concentration in counseling from a Christian worldview.

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  • BA+MA in Christian Counseling

    5-year track awarding both a BA and MA to counsel from a Christian worldview.

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  • BA in English

    Producing an understanding of critical thinking, effective writing and reflection on literature.

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  • BA in Global Studies

    Developing the ability of gospel contextualization.

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  • BA+MDiv in Global Studies

    Developing the ability of gospel contextualization in a 5-year track including a BA in Global Studies & a MDiv in Missiology.

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  • BA in History

    Prepares students to be able to understand the present, evaluate the past and examine the story of humanity from a Christian perspective.

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  • BA in History (Pre-Law)

    Designed to equip students for a lifetime of Christian work and ministry in the legal profession.

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  • BA in Humanities

    Introduces and trains students in the classical works of literature, history, theology, philosophy and many other fields.

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  • BA in Justice and Social Ethics

    Assists students to construct a biblical framework for how God’s righteousness applies to ethics in contemporary society.

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  • BA in Pastoral Ministry

    Designed for those who feel God's call to serve as leaders in local church ministry.

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  • BA+MDiv in Pastoral Ministry

    Students who have a calling to pastoral ministry in a local church can complete a BA and MDiv in five years.

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  • BA in Philosophy

    Training students in the classical workds of literature, history, theology and philosophy.

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  • BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

    This program ideally situates the student to enter the sphere of public service or for further graduate work.

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  • BA in Social Studies

    Understanding the social factors shaping history and economics, leading to graduate work with a partner university.

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  • BA in Student Ministry

    Training to envision ministry as a partnership between church and family by developing students into mature disciples of Christ.

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  • BA+MDiv in Student Ministry

    Training to envision ministry as a partnership between church and family by developing students into mature disciples of Christ.

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  • BA in Theology

    Growing an understanding of Scripture and the doctrines of God and man.

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  • BA in Worship Ministry

    Formulating a framework for a biblical and theological foundation of Christian worship.

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Other Degree Options

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science degree is composed of a Core Curriculum (37 hours), a major (45 hours), and vocational electives or business minor (45 hours; see below for details) for a total of 127 hours. In addition to their selected major, all BS students will complete a vocational or business minor, and can add a second minor if desired.

Teacher Education

The vision of the Teaching Licensure track is to prepare those called to serve as teachers. In addition to meeting all requirements for North Carolina State licensure, graduates from this program will be prepared and equipped to care for each student in their classroom. Our program develops compassionate teachers who are committed to their students learning well. They will develop competence to lead classroom instruction successfully in a chosen specialty area to ensure that their student's needs are met. The College at Southeastern eagerly seeks to train highly qualified teachers at a time when there is a severe shortage of licensed teachers in our state and many parts of the nation. Many of our students will view their career as the ministry of teaching in a school.

5-year Bachelor and Master Program

Our 5-year programs present a unique opportunity for students to pursue their calling and get to the work of ministry faster. Students in one of our 5-year programs will finish their bachelor’s degree and master’s degree up to a 1.5 years faster than typical students.

Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies

The College at Southeastern offers the Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAIS), a program designed to prepare students for effective service in a cross-cultural setting, especially designed for those with experience in cross-cultural settings

Associate's Degrees

The College at Southeastern offers two types of Associate Degrees—the Associate of Divinity (A.Div.) and the Associate of Arts (A.A.). The A.Div. is specially designed with pastors in mind, to help equip you with the tools you need to minister through preaching, teaching, counseling and administration in the local church. The A.A. degrees provide students with the foundation they need for lay leadership in the local church and for further theological study at the undergraduate level.

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