Associate Degrees to fit you

Associate of Divinity

  • Practical ministry preparation
  • Complete the degree online
  • Designed for those called to ministry later in life
  • 60-hour program

Made for Ministry Preparation

The Associate of Divinity degree through The College at Southeastern was designed with pastors in mind. The program will equip you with the tools necessary to serve God and minister to your people through preaching, teaching, counseling and administration in the local church.

What’s more, is serious study, for those who are serious about their faith and serious about serving God through the local church.

Classes in the 60-hour A.Div. program include five semesters of intense work in biblical studies, including six hours each of Old Testament and New Testament and three hours of hermeneutics. Nine hours of theology training provides a backbone for sound thinking. What’s more, there are four semesters of foundational pastoral ministry training, including practical topics like preaching and counseling.

General studies in the A.Div. program include English, history, computer training and more.

Designed for Flexible Delivery

Many students move to Wake Forest and complete their A.Div. in two years of full time study. But there are others who wish to remain where they are and work on their degree, and our program makes that possible.

The entire 60-hour degree program can be completed online, or students can take a combination of online and on-campus course offerings to complete their degree. For more information about online class offerings – including eligibility, schedule of classes, and more. Call our Admissions Office at 1.800.284.6317 or email

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Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts degree is a College program designed to provide students with the Christian background and foundation that is needed for informed lay leadership in the local church.  In addition, the degree is designed as a two-year college transfer program.  Students should consult the institution to which they intend to transfer in order to determine admission and transfer requirements.

Associate of Arts classes include History of Ideas, Western Civilization, Old and New Testament Introductions, and Christian Theology.

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