Are you called to counseling ministry?

This program allows for more extensive training prior to beginning a counseling internship, which means the student is more prepared to counsel and minister to hurting people. Additionally, the student will be better prepared upon entering the workforce after graduation because the coursework covers both psychology and counseling. Lastly, the students in this program will have the same advisor throughout their degree programs, which means the students can set a plan from day 1 how they want to progress through both their bachelor’s and their master’s degrees, where they might find an internship, and what sort of counseling they’d like to do after graduation

Are you gifted academically?

The accelerated nature of this program requires diligence, balance, and persistence that further prepares students to be counseling missionaries. The program is designed to be academically rigorous  while also being ministerially relevant. This expedited programs sends students out as missional counselors a year and a half faster than they would be able to do so otherwise.

Are you ready to be equipped?

Our 5-year BA-to-MA counseling program not only prepares graduating students to obtain a license in marriage and family therapy upon graduation, but it trains them to be counseling missionaries in a broken world. It’s a huge value-add for college students who are eager and willing to get to work helping those who are hurting.