The College at Southeastern Student Q&A

Sarah AtkinsonPhoto: Sarah Atkinson, "I am going to Kenya."

Major: Justice and Social Ethics

Year in School: Junior

What has been one of your most memorable experiences at Southeastern so far?

The most memorable experience for me would definitely be New Student Orientation! I love all the excitement and fun that surrounds those three days. And since being here, I’ve worked New Student Orientation as an employee. It’s always fun to meet the new faces coming to Southeastern and hear their stories.

How are you hoping to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission?

My major is justice and social ethics, so I feel like I could go in so many directions. After I graduated high school I worked with human trafficking victims in Kenya from 2014-2015. It was then that I saw the need for counseling and aftercare. I would love to work in a social work or with a non-profit that provides aftercare for traumatic, crisis cases.

Which classes have most equipped and encouraged you to do this?

My favorite class so far that I have enjoyed the most and feel has equipped me the most was Dr. Liederbach’s social justice and race relations class! It was such a good one and I would recommend it to anyone, even if you’re not an ethics major!

How has the local church played a vital role in your spiritual growth?

Being connected with a small group has played a vital role in my spiritual growth, through encouragement and accountability. In addition to that it has helped connect me to a family from Afghanistan that I get to love and serve each week.

What would be your encouragement to students who are considering Southeastern?

Pray about it and ask yourself if you’re really ready to give up your life for the sake of the gospel. Only after that should you apply. But it will be some of the best and most challenging years of your life.