The College at Southeastern Student Q&A

Hannah StokesPhoto: Hannah Stokes "I am going to empower women."

Major: English

Year in School: Senior 

What has been one of your most memorable experiences at Southeastern so far?

My most memorable experience so far at The College at Southeastern has been being on leadership for the House System. I was grateful for Residence Life when I first moved to Wake Forest, but then being able to be a part of the new house system, I was able to see just how important it is to get plugged in where you are, even in college. I have learned so much about what community and leadership mean, and I have gotten to learn from the most amazing staff and faculty here at SEBTS. The House System has grown my relationships here and is the reason I have stayed here for almost four years now.

How are you hoping to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission?

I am hoping to serve the church and fulfill the great commission by empowering women to be good stewards of the Word. I want to help women find their purpose in the Body of Christ, and encourage them in whatever season of life they are in through gospel community.

Which classes have most equipped and encouraged you to do this?

My English classes here have really shown me that there is so much more to learn. In my English classes, I have been exposed to so many different cultures and ways of life, which really inspire me to get out of my box and learn about the people around me. These classes have taught me that everyone has a different story to tell and people are worth listening to and learning from. And I think this is a great skill in and out of the Church as well.

How has the local church played a vital role in your spiritual growth?

I am a member at Imago Dei Church in Raleigh and I have learned so much about the importance of the local church from them. I never knew just how much I needed biblical community until I was without it when I first moved here. And I have learned that the church is not about me and my gifts and what I can bring to the table, it is all about Christ: coming together in order to make His name known. The local church continues to remind me that the Christian walk was never meant to be done alone, so it is absolutely necessary to make it a priority, especially when you move to college. 

What would be your encouragement to students who are considering Southeastern?

I would encourage students looking at The College at Southeastern to really trust God in the decision making process. The College at Southeastern was never on my radar, but God knew this was the place that I needed to be. And despite all the things I thought were necessary to have a good college experience, God has blessed me above and beyond here at The College at Southeastern through the teachers, the staff and the community. If you are looking for the typical college experience, this is not the place for you. But, if you are looking to spiritually thrive in deep community and learn how to use your academics for the spread of the gospel, then this is the perfect fit for you.