The College at Southeastern Student Q&A

Catherine MacKay Photo: Catherine MacKay "I am going to disciple students"

Major: Student Ministry

Year in School: Junior

What has been one of your most memorable experiences at Southeastern so far?

When I first came to Southeastern, I was really unsure why the Lord had called me here. My plan before graduating high school was to graduate and then move overseas to tell people about Jesus. But then, the Lord made it evident that he wanted me to be at Southeastern. So there I was, studying at Southeastern, wishing I was in the Bahamas working with refugees. But then during my second semester at Southeastern, my life drastically changed. A friend from my hometown committed suicide. A family of missionaries that I had worked with for years decided to move back to America, and information came out that they had been stealing money from their ministry. Then, in the midst of coping with that, my youth leader and his wife filled for divorce. In the midst of these tragic loses, it was my classes that showed me the love that God had for me in this time. My New Testament class was going through the Pastoral Epistles, and the words of Paul in 2 Timothy were the comfort that my heart needed. My English class was working through the Psalms, and I found healing in the words of David as he cried out to God after being betrayed by people he once called loved ones. I realized during that semester that if I had moved overseas to walk through these things without the body of believers from Southeastern, I do not know how I would have made it through. God brought me to Southeastern for so much more than just my education; he brought me here to heal.

How are you hoping to serve the the church and fulfill the Great Commission?

I hope to move overseas after graduating from the college and work with high school or middle school girls. I’m not exactly sure what that looks like yet, but I’m excited to see what God has in store.

Which classes have most equipped and encouraged you to do this?

I absolutely loved taking personal discipleship/disciple-making with Dr. Chuck Lawless. It really changed the way I thought of discipleship. I also loved my New Testament class and biblical counseling class. I have felt really equipped from them. They have encouraged me in the areas I feel the Lord is calling me.

How has the local church played a vital role in your Spiritual growth?

I am currently a member at ImagoDei church, and they have taught me so much about Jesus. I have never known what a biblical community was meant to look like until joining Imago Dei. I now have such a love for the community of believers, and how they are family. I see the importance of bearing burdens with them, having accountability, and meeting to encourage each other during the week.

What would be your encouragement to students who are considering Southeastern?

I would encourage students to come check out Southeastern. I think The College at Southeastern is the perfect place to come when you’re pursuing ministry. I think the community, the classes and the professors are really encouraging. I have loved my time here and I would encourage people who are looking at Christian colleges to make Southeastern your top choice!