The Housing Department of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary seeks to provide adequate, affordable, safe and comfortable housing for all God-called men and women who come to Southeastern to prepare for Christian ministries throughout the world.

The goal of the Housing Department is to provide or make available through campus housing and off-campus housing suitable housing for all students who desire to live on or near the seminary campus. The Housing Department regulates all housing areas so occupants feel safe and at-home in their housing areas.

mapCampus housing is available to all Southeastern students; however, you must be enrolled for a minimum of six term hours.

Southeastern has apartment accommodations for student families and dorm or apartment accommodations for single students. Commuter facilities are also available to student families and single students who need housing accommodations for a few nights a week.

Housing Information

Occupant Fees: $ 300

Utilities Included, Furnished

Goldston and Lolley Dorms

Per semester

McDowell Townhouse

Per month

Fall 2017  $1,100
Winter 2018 $265
Spring 2018  $1100
Summer 2018  $800

Shared Room $ 256 

Occupant Fees: $ 300

Monthly Pricing, Unfurnished

Flaherty Farms

Shared Room 2BR $325
Private Room 2BR $498
Private Room 3BR $411
Private Apartment 2BR Small $ 712 + utilities
Private Apartment 2BR Large $ 778 + utilities

Duplex Apartments

One Bedroom $ 548

McDowell Townhouses

Private Apartment 2BR $ 650+ utilities


One Bedroom $ 771


Males Only
Two Bedroom Shared Bedroom $325

Occupant Fees: $ 300

Flaherty Farms

Duplex Apartments

Two Bedroom Small $ 712
Two Bedroom Large $ 778
Three Bedroom $ 809

One Bedroom $ 548
Two Bedroom $ 650
Three Bedroom $ 665

Fletcher Village


Two Bedroom $ 803
Three Bedroom $ 832

One Bedroom (Utilities included) $ 771

McDowell Townhouses

Two Bedroom $ 650
Three Bedroom $ 665
Four Bedroom $ 872

If there are any repairs or maintenance needed for your apartment, call Facilities Management at 919-761-2420. If there is an after hours emergency, such as a burst pipe or heat not working, call 919-369-1781. After hours On-Call Maintenance will not respond to non-emergency requests.

Housing Application

Applications for housing can be made through the SEBTS Housing Office by filling out the online application below. 

A $ 300.00 Occupant Fee is required at the signing of the housing agreement (House System students in Goldston and Lolley are exempted).

Rent is payable in advance at Accounting Services in Stealey Hall (See Housing Agreement for terms).

All students who desire to live in campus housing must sign a Housing Agreement at the time they move into housing. Students who will be living in apartments will sign the Apartment Housing Agreement. Students who will be living in dorms will sign the Dorm Housing Agreement.

Due to a limited number of three-bedroom apartments, certain restrictions do apply. Three-bedroom apartments at Fletcher Village, McDowell and the Duplexes are limited to families with two children of the opposite gender, both at least age six, or families with three or more children. Three-bedroom apartments at Flaherty Farms are available on a limited basis to families who don't meet this requirement.

note that pets are not allowed in Seminary apartments not designated as pet-friendly. Certain apartments at Fletcher Village and Flaherty Farms are designated as pet-friendly. If you have a pet, please see the Pet Application for more information.