Teacher Education

Interested in teaching?

The College at Southeastern has developed a unique partnership with Liberty University to create a pathway for our graduates to pursue a Master of arts in Teaching.

The College at Southeastern has partnered with Liberty University to offer a Master of Arts in Teaching complete with licensure.Students majoring in English, Social Studies, or Interdisciplinary Studies are eligible for this program, and can complete the program in 5 years by following the recommended sequence.  The College at Southeastern majors listed above correspond to the following MAT concentrations:

The College at Southeastern, BA English – LU, MAT Secondary Ed. (Eng)

The College at Southeastern, BA Social Studies – MAT Secondary Ed. Social Studies Endorsement

The College at Southeastern, BA Interdisciplinary Studies – MAT Elementary Ed. 

  1. New College at Southeastern students planning to complete the MAT should major in English, Social Studies, or Interdisciplinary Studies, and should follow the recommended course sequence provided by their advisor and/or the Registrar’s office.
  2. The College at Southeastern students should apply to Liberty University’s MAT program at the end of their Junior year to ensure sufficient time for application processing.  Students are accepted as “undergraduate special student status” (non-degree seeking) until their Bachelors degree is conferred by The College at Southeastern.  Students may take courses during this time, but will not qualify for financial aid through LU. 
  3. Upon acceptance from LU, C@SE students should complete the following 9 hrs through LU during their Senior year:
    1. EDUC 500  Advanced Educational Psychology
    2. EDUC 606  Tests & Measures
    3. EDUC 521  Foundations of Exceptionality
  4. Following the completion of the Bachelors degree from The College at Southeastern, students request an update in student status from LU and apply the above courses toward the completion of the MAT degree.   
  5. Students follow the LU course sequence to complete their degree as suggested by the LU School of Education,

Transfer students should consult with their advisor and/or the Registrar’s office to determine the best route toward completing the program.

For more information, please contact the Admissions office at 919-761-2246 or email