Minor in Global Studies

The Global Studies minor introduces students to the variety and complexity of cultures around the world. Students are taught to understand other cultures, worldviews and religions, and to interact with them winsomely. Those minoring in Global Studies will receive introductory training toward communicating the gospel in various contexts and will be prepared for continued studies in seminary or graduate school. 

Total required credits: 18

Average completion time: 1 year

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What kind of classes will I take?

  • ICS 3500 - Eastern Religions and Contexts 
  • ICS 3600 - Judaism, Islam & Contexts 
  • MIS 4520 - Anthropology for Cross-cultural Understanding 
  • ICS 4901 - Intercultural Studies Practicum 

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Who will teach me?


Dr. Ant Greenham
Associate Professor of Missions and Islamic Studies


Dr. Scott Hildreth
Assistant Professor of Global Studies


Dr. Greg Mathias
Assistant Professor of Global Studies