Minor in Business

The minor in business introduces students to the basic areas of business and the strategies for sound business practices. Students study broadly in economics, finance, management, marketing, and organizational behavior. Those who minor in business will be equipped to serve Christ in a wide variety of business contexts in North America and overseas.

Total required credits: 18

Average completion time: 1 year

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What kind of classes will I take?

  • MIS 3980 - Business as Mission(s) 
  • BUS 1100 - Introduction to Management 
  • BUS 3200 - Principles of Marketing 
  • ECO 2500 - Introduction to Economics 
  • BUS 2100 - Organizational Behavior 
  • ECO 2650 - Principles of Finance

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Who will teach me?


Dr. Art Rainer
Vice President for Institutional Advancement