Minor in Apologetics

The minor in Apologetics equips the student to defend the Christian faith, emphasizing theology, philosophy, logic, and communication skills. Those preparing for youth ministry, college ministry, missions, pastoral and educational ministries will benefit from the courses offered in this minor.

Total required credits: 18

Average completion time: 1 year

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What kind of classes will I take?

  • HOI 3520 - Seminar in Philosophy and Science 
  • PHI 2500 - Christian Philosophy: Worldview, Western Thought, and Apologetics 
  • PHI 4600 - Christian Apologetics 
  • PHI 3510 - Logic 
  • PHI 3520 - Rhetoric 
  • PHI 3560 - Problem of Evil

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Who will teach me?


Dr. Jamie Dew
Associate Professor of History of Ideas and Philosophy


Dr. Ivan Spencer
Professor of History and Philosophy