Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies

The major in Social Studies is designed to help the student understand world history and the various social factors that have shaped it. It is a non-licensure program that is ideal for students that desire to do additional work at the graduate level for a teaching license. Moreover, the graduate will be equipped for a wide range of ministries and vocations, and be well prepared for graduate work in seminary, graduate school, or law school.

Total required credits: 127

Average completion time: 4 years.

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What kind of classes will I take?

  • HIS 3510 - American History I Pre 1877 
  • HIS 3520 - American History II Post 1877 
  • POL 3500 - American Government 
  • HIS 3650 - American Constitutional Development 
  • ECO 2500 - Introduction to Economics 
  • SOC 2600 - Introduction to Sociology 
  • GEO 2500 - World Geography 

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Who will teach me?

Dr. Brent Aucoin
Professor of History

Dr. Ivan Spencer
Professor of History and Philosophy