Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

The major in Philosophy introduces students to the major issues and problems in philosophy. It fosters the intellect so that students are better equipped to critique, analyze, and argue various perspectives. Students will learn the basic skills of logic and rhetoric, will be introduced to various fields of philosophical debate, and learn how to engage these matters from a Christian perspective. This degree program is perfectly suited for students who wish to continue on to graduate school or pursue a career in philosophy, theology, ministry, classical studies, or law.

Total required credits: 127

Average completion time: 4 years.

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What kind of classes will I take?

  • PHI 2100 - World Cultures and Religions 
  • PHI 2500 - Christian Philosophy: Worldview, Western Thought, and Apologetics 
  • PHI 3510 - Logic 
  • PHI 3520 - Rhetoric
  • PHI 3550 - Epistemology
  • PHI 4600 - Christian Apologetics 
  • PHI 3535 - Readings in Political Philosophy 
  • PHI 3530 - Seminar in Philosophy & Science 
  • PHI 3540 - Metaphysics & Philosophy of Mind 
  • PHI 3570 - Modern & Contemporary Philosophy 

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who will teach me?

Dr. Jamie Dew
Associate Professor of History of Ideas and Philosophy

Dr. Ivan Spencer
Professor of History and Philosophy