Bachelor of Arts in History

The major in History teaches the student to comprehend and critically evaluate the present through a biblically-informed understanding of the past. The student will examine the story of humanity, develop reading, writing, and research skills, and learn how to study history from a Christian perspective. The graduate will be equipped for a wide range of ministries and vocations, and be well prepared for graduate work in seminary, graduate school, or law school.

Total required credits: 127

Average completion time: 4 years.

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What kind of classes will I take?

  • HIS 3510 - American History I Pre 1877 
  • HIS 3520 - American History II Post 1877 
  • POL 3500 - American Government 
  • HIS 4599 - Senior Colloquium in History 

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who will teach me?

Dr. Brent Aucoin
Professor of History

Dr. Ivan Spencer
Professor of History and Philosophy