Bachelor of Arts in Justice and Social Ethics

The major in Justice and Social Ethicsassists students in constructing a biblical framework through which to understand and evaluate how God’s righteousnessapplies to ethical topics important in personal life, family relationships, the Christian community, and contemporary society. Further, it equips studentsto engage in culturally relevant and personally meaningful moral discussions from a Judeo-Christian worldview by speaking biblical truth, reflecting God’s justice, and spreading God’s kingdom.

This degree is designed to provide foundational preparation for students who desire to serve in para-church ministries, denominational service, public policy advocacy, and general moral witness in the culture. Further, in combination with other credentials, this major can be useful to students who desire to serve in fields such as law, politics, journalism, and public education, among other venues in the public square. Additionally, the major in Justice and Social Ethics can give a prophetic edge to students called to pastoral ministry, missionary evangelism, and various forms of chaplaincy.

Total required credits: 127

Average completion time: 4 years.

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What kind of classes will I take?

  • ETH 3600 - Introduction to Christian Ethics
  • ETH 3610 - Moral Foundations of Marriage and Family
  • ETH 4630 - Ethics of War and Peace
  • ETH 4650 - Ethics of Wealth and Poverty
  • ETH 4660 - Social Justice and Race Relations
  • ETH 4670 - Ethics of Life and Death
  • ETH 4690 - Moral Decision-Making and the Will of God
  • ETH 4695 - Christian Sexual Ethics
  • ETH 4503 - Systems of Moral Philosophy
  • ETH 4620 - Christian Ethics and the State
  • ETH 4640 - Ethics and Environmental Responsibility


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