Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

The major in Humanities introduces students to the influential ideas of Western civilization. Students read great works of literature, history, philosophy, theology, and political theory and interact with them from a Christian perspective. Additional courses in philosophy, literature, and history prepare students for graduate work in seminary, classical studies, literature, history, law, or any other field in the liberal arts.

Total required credits: 127

Average completion time: 4 years.

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What kind of classes will I take?

  • HOI 3510 - Seminar in Theology & Culture 
  • HOI 3520 - Seminar in Philosophy and Science 
  • HOI 3530 - Seminar in History and Politics 
  • HOI 4599 - Senior Colloquium: History of Ideas 
  • PHI 2500 - Christian Philosophy: Worldview, Western Thought, and Apologetics 
  • PHI 3510 - Logic 
  • PHI 3520 - Rhetoric 
  • PHI 3550 - Epistemology 



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who will teach me?


Dr. Jamie Dew
Associate Professor of History of Ideas and Philosophy


Dr. Steve Ladd
Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy


Dr. Adrianne Miles
Assistant Professor of English and Linguistics


Dr. Benjamin Quinn
Assistant Professor of Theology and History of Ideas